RG6 Top Quality Copper Coaxial Cable

RG6 Top Quality Copper Coaxial Cable

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Product Details

RG6 Top Quality Copper Coaxial Cable


Center Conductor: 
20 AWG 0.81mm ± 0.01(0.032"") Solid Copper" 

AL-Foil Shield+Braiding Wave
0.12mm Copper Clad Aluminum Wire 

6.00 ± 0.10mm(0.236'' ) White/ Black PVC

Power Cords: 
Center Conductor: 2*7*0.37mm Copper Clad Aluminum/BC Optional

Cable Length: 1000ft (305M) 
Cable Package: reel in drum

Electrical Specifications: 
Capacitance: 53.1 pF/m or 16.2 pF/ft 
Impedance: 75 ± 3 Ohm

Package Details:

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