Cat 6 Plug Cable with 99.99% Oxygen-free Copper Conductor and PVC in Blue Outer Jacket

  Bulk CAT6 Ethernet Cables for Networking

 High speed networking requires bulk cable manufactured to greater quality standards. Primus Cable supplies CAT6 Ethernet cable for 10/100/1000BASE-T networking for lengths up to 328 feet. Twisted pair conductors are wound tighter for improved crosstalk and attenuation characteristics. Our 1000FT bulk CAT6 Ethernet cable is also backwards compatible with legacy CAT5/5E and CAT3 equipment.

   Primus Cable is an industry leading supplier of direct burial, aerial, plenum, and riser 1000FT bulkCAT6 Ethernet cable. Running cable underground requires extra shielding to protect against environmental exposure including sunlight and moisture. The Cat6 Bulk Ethernet Cable, Direct Burial Outdoor Shielded Solid Copper has high density polyethylene insulation and a low density polyethylene jacket.