Factory Price UTP Cat6 Cable Ethernet Lan Cable

Factory Price UTP Cat6 Cable Ethernet Lan Cable

Category 6 cable was designed and built differently than either Cat5 or Cat 5e. An advanced insulation system protects of the wiring inside of Cat6 cable from crosstalk even better than Cat5e. The end result is that Cat6 computer cabling can handle speeds up to 10 Gbps — which is truly as fast as possible.

Cat6 costs more than the other options, but won’t need to be replaced anytime soon. When the next revolution changes the way individuals and businesses use the Internet, we will all need Cat6 computer cabling to enjoy it.

Cat6 is best for…  investing in a solution that will give you the fastest speeds now and long into the future. For businesses, Cat6 is definitely the wisest choice. Homeowners may be happy with Cat5e to power Gigabit Internet.

Your electrician can help you judge the costs of wiring your property with each kind of computer cabling. Think about the costs and benefits of each one, and consider how long you want your network cabling to last.