Indoor FTP Cat5e Cable With Lan Cable 4 Pair 24AWG

Indoor FTP Cat5e Cable With Lan Cable 4Pair 24AWG

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       Category 5 is the standard structured wiring for many electrical signals in the home. One of several standards using a "twisted pair" configuration, cat5 cables carry their signal in four pairs of twisted wires. A simpler form of twisted pair wiring can be seen in your home telephone cord; the two wires twisted around each other carry the phone signal to the receiver. Cat5e cables are known for their ability to carry a strong signal with low levels of interference, either internal or external. Frequently used in cable and telephone wiring, Cat5e wiring is also the main material used in Ethernet patch cables and networking equipment.

     When buying cables for home use, it's important to make sure that you have the standard of wiring that you need to get the best quality picture and sound. Bulk Cat5e is available for major wiring products, and the newer Cat5e configuration is a distinct improvement over the old Cat5. These cables can carry a signal of up to 100 MHz, which allows for data transmission and other data such as voice signals.