Indoor Patch Cord Cat5e Network Cable FTP Cable Cat5e

Indoor Patch Cord Cat5e Network Cable FTP Cable Cat5e

patch cable (patch cord or jumper cable) is an eight-wire cable that consists of four twisted pairs wires ,terminated with RJ45 connectors at both end. For purpose of linking a computer to a nearby network hub, switch or router.

The common types of patch cables in today’s marketplace are Cat5e / Cat6 / Cat7 cable,and Cat5e patch cable is most commonly used for home networking. They are very helpful to those building home computer networks and also to travelers who need a network patch cable in his hotel rooms.



* 2×RJ45 plug molded version with strain relief

*RJ45 Plug Gold plated FU''/3U''/6U''/15U''/30U''/50U'' Optional

*Conductor: CCA/CCS/CCAG/CCC/CU/BC Optional

*AWG: 23/24/26/28AWG (7*0.12mm/7*0.16mm/7*0.18mm/7*0.12mm)

* Meet EIA/TIA568

* Plug housing: PC (UL94V-0)

* Use life: at least 1000 times

* Insulation resistance: above 100MO

* Contact resistance: above 10MO

* Length: 0.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 10m…….

*Color: Red, Green, Yellow, Grey, Purple, Black .......