RG6 Coaxial Cable, Wooden Spool Packing

RG6 Outdoor Coaxial Cable

The RG6 Coaxial Cable, Direct Burial, Quad Shielded, 18 AWG, CCS, 60% AL Braid, 1,000’, Black has 60% and 40% aluminum PET foil bonded shielding. This direct burial RG6 cable is ideal for digital HDTV, CATV, and TV antennas. It is sweep tested to 3.0 GHz. and has foamed polyethylene insulation. This direct burial RG6 cable is sold in increments of 1,000 feet in pull boxes.


* conductor: Solid Copper or TCU or CCS 0.08—1.66mm

* Insulation: HDPE

* Inner Shielded: AL-Foil and Metal Waves

* Outer Shielded: AL- Foil and Metal Waves

* Jacket: PVC