Should the vga interface and the network cable interface be eliminated on the laptop?

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VGA may be phased out by HDMI, but the rest of the interfaces may not be, such as the network cable interface. There are many interfaces that have disappeared from the laptop, such as the old serial port, parallel port, etc. These interfaces have been disappearing on the laptop for a long time. The obsolete interface is either impractical, bulky, or can be replaced by other interfaces, or the device of this interface has been basically eliminated by the market... The radical replacement of an interface like the MacBook actually Not very common. For the VGA interface, the VGA bandwidth is limited and cannot support some special display requirements. In the future, HDMI is one of the replacements for VGA, so VGA may be eliminated. However, the network cable does not belong to this situation. The demand for wired networks has always existed. There are answers that WiFi can replace wired networks, but the problem is that WiFi is not fast enough. Now the bandwidth of the wired network is easy to go to Gigabit. The current WiFi bandwidth is still not up to this level. Even 5G-WiFi may not reach this level, and WiFi has to face interference and other devices to divide the bandwidth. Therefore, the wired network Demand will always exist, if it is to be replaced, the premise is that there are higher speed, more connected interfaces or devices. The emergence of USB will solve many problems, but the USB interface is too large, the popularity of small interfaces is not high, and the bandwidth is limited. USB3.1 10Gbps is still not popular. Therefore, in the foreseeable future, many interfaces will survive for some time, until a certain type of equipment has been eliminated in the market. Tablet PCs are not the same as notebooks. Tablet PCs are designed to be more convenient than laptops. Laptops have certain office needs, and tablet PCs have almost no such requirements. Therefore, lightweight is a very important indicator for tablets. There are relatively few interfaces, but it doesn't mean that laptops will.