Cat5e Cable

1000FT Cat5e SFTP Pure Copper Ethernet Cable

Product Details

1000FT Cat5e SFTP Pure Copper UL Listed Ethernet Cable



Conductor: Bare Copper/CU/CCA/SCCAG Material

AWG: 24 (0.51±0.01MM)

Type: Solid/Stranded optional

Insulation: HD-PE 

Rip Cord: High Quality Cotton

Shield: AL-Foil 

Drain Wire: CCA/BC/CU/TC material optional

Sheath: PVC/ROHS/LSZH Jacket Optional


Diameter Optional:



Mainly used in the Building Correspondence Synthesis Wiring System the Work Area Correspondence Leading-out Terminal and between the Connection Distribution Frame Wiring, As Well As the Housing Synthesis Wiring System’s User Correspondence Leading-out Terminal Arrives at Place of Exile between Coils’ wiring.


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Q1: can the connection of the cable (twisted pair) be screwed together directly? 
Answer: don't screw them together. It is easy to make a bad connection when two joints are screwed together directly, which leads to excessive contact resistance and affects the transmission effect. It can't even transmit. 
The correct way is to connect with a soldering iron soldering together, with heat shrinkable sleeve wrap, to prevent short circuit.


Q 2: what combination of signals can a twisted pair transmit? 
Answer: a wire generally has four pairs of twisted pair, can transmit 4 video; In short, one pair can transmit one signal, four pairs can transmit four signals, and large logarithmic twisted pair can transmit more signals.


Q3Can twisted pair power supply? 
Answer: yes. When using twisted pair power transmission, to ensure that the ancient power supply in line with the requirements of the equipment. The working current of each twisted-pair transmitter is 50mA, and the internal resistance of the twisted-pair is 10/100m (to be measured in actual use). If the transmitted power supply is 12VDC, to ensure the normal use of the equipment, you have to transfer the power supply within 200 meters.