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Fluke Tested 23AWG Cat6 FTP LAN Cable

Fluke Tested 23AWG Cat6 FTP LAN Cable
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Fluke Tested 23AWG Cat6 FTP LAN Cable

Cat6: the transmission frequency of this type of cable is 1MHz ~ 250MHz, and the six types of cabling system should have a large amount of allowance at 200MHz when the comprehensive attenuation crosscut ratio (ps-acr), which provides twice as much bandwidth as the super five types. The transmission performance of the six types of cabling is much higher than that of the super five standards, and it is most suitable for the application with the transmission rate higher than 1Gbps. One important difference between the six classes and the super five classes is that they improve the performance in crosstalk and return loss. For the new generation of full-duplex high-speed network applications, excellent return loss performance is extremely important. The basic link model is cancelled in the six standards. The wiring standard adopts star topology structure, and the required wiring distance is: the length of permanent link cannot exceed 90m, and the channel length cannot exceed 100m. Currently, TWISTED PAIR can be divided into the unshielded TWISTED PAIR (UTP = UNSHILDED TWISTED PAIR) and shielding twisted-pair (STP = SHIELDED TWISTED PAIR).



Conductor: Bare Copper/CU/CCA/CCAG  Material Optional

AWG: 23 (0.573±0.01MM)

Type: Solid/Stranded optional

Shield: AL-Foil 

Drain Wire: CCA/CU/BC/TC Optional

Insulation: HD-PE 

Rip Cord: High Quality Cotton

Sheath: PVC Jacket

Advantages of unshielded twisted pair:
(1) no shielding jacket, small diameter, saving the space occupied;
(2) light weight, easy to bend, easy to install;
(3) minimizing or eliminating crosstalk;
(4) flame retardant;
(5) with independence and flexibility, it is suitable for structural integrated cabling.
(6) unshielded twisted pair, simple installation, good practical effect.


Diameter Optional:


Mainly used in the Building Correspondence Synthesis Wiring System the Work Area Correspondence Leading-out Terminal and between the Connection Distribution Frame Wiring, As Well As the Housing Synthesis Wiring System’s User Correspondence Leading-out Terminal Arrives at Place of Exile between Coils’ wiring.


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