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V2.0 Male To Male HDMI Cable

V2.0 Male To Male HDMI Cable
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V2.0 Male To Male HDMI Cable


HDMI 1.3 version / 1.4 version cable

High definition multimedia interface cable, HDMI1.4 version include Standard HDMI Cable; Standard HDMI Cable with Ethernet; High Speed HDMI Cable; High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet; Standard Automotive HDMI Cable.


High quality 2.0V HDMI to HDMI Cable Support 2160P 1080P, 3D, Ethernet   


1.V2.0 HDMI Cable 19 pin male to male

2.Version:1.3V,1.4V,2.0V (optional)

3.24 K Gold plated connector 

4.UL ,REACH,FCC,CE,ROHS Compliance 

5 Supports Full 2160P,1080P,3D,4K 

6. with/without two ferrite cores (optional) 

HDMI cable 2.0V 

Version 2.0 high speed HDMI cable 

19-pin male to male 

Molded (double color)with PVC Jacket 

Inside conductor of cable: pure Oxygen-free copper 

Connector: 24K gold-plated  or nickel plated (optional) 

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