2019 IPhone Model Image And Boot Video - Tech Cable

Ben Geskin, the leaking god, announced today the running video of a 2019 iPhone model and two real-life images, which we have been talking about. From the back of the fuselage in the image, the "Yuba" device can be seen as a three-camera "Max" model, which has three colors of black and white gold, and the one that can be turned on in the video is a white bottom case, although The video is only a short 14 seconds, but it has been able to show the effect.

Since there are no other reliable rumors, the iPhone 11 series will be released with a high probability of using the “Bathmaster” rear square camera module in the image. In order to add a new lens (super wide angle), the thickness of the new iPhone will increase. 0.5mm, iPhone 11/11 Plus is three shots, 11R is double shot.

Due to the clarity of the video, it is difficult to interpret whether the bottom cable interface is USB-C or the original Lightning. The previously leaked image means that Apple is likely to finally give up the Lightning interface and turn to USB from the iPhone 11 with iOS13. C, thus ending the dilemma that the user has a fast charging head but has to purchase another cable to quickly charge.