Apple Announces Transparency Report For The Second Half Of 2018 - Tech Cable

The App Store received a total of 80 content removal requests from governments, involving 770 app apps.

In Apple's latest issue of the Transparency Report, we saw the content of the next request that did not appear in previous reports. In the second half of 2018, the App Store received a total of 80 illegal content removal requests from governments. These requirements involve a total of 770 apps, of which 626 were proposed by the Chinese government to combat illegal gambling and pornography.

At the same time, Russia submitted 10 requests for the withdrawal of 11 apps, and Norway submitted 1 for the purpose of removing 37 apps related to gambling investigations. In addition, Saudi Arabia has also submitted a record of 1 request for Apple to remove 25 software suspected of violating privacy laws. In the final 80 requests, Apple licensed a total of 75 times, and the number of apps that disappeared from the App Store was finally determined at 634.

It is worth mentioning that in this report, Apple also confirmed for the first time that it received five national security letters from the US government, and the contents of the security letter have been approved for disclosure in the report. In addition, Apple also revealed that they received a total of 29,183 requests with Apple device users in the second half of last year, or requests for information about device users using Apple services. The number of Germans reached a maximum of 12,343, and the United States ranked second with 4,680.

Finally, Apple also promises that the future transparency report will contain more content. The next report, which is expected to be released in mid-2020, will also show the app's response to government requests for removal.