Apple Supports Usb-c Charging And 4K Video Output

When it comes to consumer products, apple is the well-deserved leader, but it always fails to jump over this. The more resistance, the higher the sales volume. Anyway, it is difficult to have a brand that can shake its position.


Apple has always used Lightning charging port, but it USES usb-c on MacBook, which is also widely accepted by users

According to the internal message at present, China's National Day holiday, and Apple will open conference, conference just shortly before the end of the Apple fall, only announced the iPhone X series three new phone and a new generation of Apple Watch, however after exposure in the new version of this device Pro series product did not come, the real meaning of wireless charging, also can not help but disappointing.


Apple's new iPad Pro, due out this year, will allow for a much faster 18W charge (though the 18W is already ubiquitous on Android), so it will ditch the Lightning port and use a usb-c port instead.

"In addition to Face ID support, apple expects other upgrades for the new iPad Pro to include usb-c instead of Lightning and an 18W power adapter."

I found a part of the firmware of apple's new system shows that mobile devices support 4K resolution video output. At present, any Lightning port cannot complete 4K video output, so apple has to replace the usb-c port.

The move is expected to make apple's iPad Pro more versatile, which would increase the width of the device for office and daily use.

The hardware configuration is unclear

Previously, it was said that the iPad Pro will use A11X processor this year, but apple's iPhone XR and XS series phones all use A12 processor, according to the convention, apple's iPad Pro may also use A12X processor, but now there is no clear statement.

As previously revealed, apple's new iPad processor is a six-core design, two high-performance cores code-named Monsoon and four lower-power cores code-named Mistral. Specific parameters and performance is not clear, but it should be by TSMC contract.

The 13-inch MacBook is expected to come along

Taiwan media reported earlier that quanta, one of apple's supply chains, will complete orders for apple's "cheap notebook" in the fourth quarter of this year. The completion of the orders in the fourth quarter means that the products have now started mass production, and the normal schedule is around September to October. Now that apple hasn't announced the new iPhone X phones, the iPad launch could be in the works.

Unfortunately, it's not clear how the device is positioned. It could be an Air, and the price could be $999 or less. It's rumored to come with a Retina display, which could reverse the MacBook Air's awkward position, but USB C is firmly in apple's product lineup!