Apple WWDC Chinese Elements

Apple conference literacy: as the world's top technology giant, all sorts of new products are released each year is let a person look forward to, although every time we have to wait until the conference a few weeks ago to get the specific time, but apple launch time of year is regular, today we will arrange for you the apple is worth looking forward to the launch in 2018, hope I can help to you.


In March 2017, apple brought us the new 9.7-inch iPad, Clips (video app), iPad Mini, and iPhone SE product line updates. But Apple typically releases new products in March, such as the iPhone SE, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and the Apple TV update. The past March 2018 event was brief, with only the current iPad configuration unchanged, support for the new pen, and an education app added.


June's WWDC is arguably apple's second biggest event of the year (the biggest event is the fall release of the iPhone). WWDC, also known as the apple developer conference, is an annual event that is widely watched by the tech community and developers alike. It will last about a week, mainly for iPhone, iPad and Mac application developers and service personnel, according to the convention, apple WWDC, apple will bring us a new operating system, including: iOS, macOS and so on.


This is a grand gathering of mobile phone users around the world. Almost every year, apple releases its flagship new products, which will continue to lead the trend for a long time. So far, the event has been scheduled for the second Tuesday or Wednesday of September. According to this convention, this year's autumn new product release conference is about on September 11 or 12.

Apple's iPhone was released last year as a 10th anniversary product, so skip the "iPhone 9" and call it the iPhone X, which will definitely continue to be the iPhone X this year, or maybe the iPhone XS.

According to the previous exposure, apple will continue to release three new iphones this year, in addition to a cheap version of the iPhone X, there will be a larger screen size of the iPhone X Plus products, on the whole is very worth looking forward to.

In addition to the iPhone, the Apple Watch, Apple TV and AirPods 2 are here to stay. Of course, in addition to these fixed launch dates, there will also be scattered launch events in October. If apple can surprise us in October this year, it is likely to be the new iPad Pro or MacBook