C52 Quick Charge Originally Just Transition, C91 Is The Main Course!

very time apple released new products, continuously updated iteration brings many black technology to attract your attention, of course, the success of that bit of pin money savings, emptying your pocket summary, the iPhone in such aspects as performance, screen size and function of these sections in each conference has significantly increased, but the iPhone charger but without any change, the charging power remained in 5 w, it is no wonder that part of the fruit are charging head of ridicule said that apple is "heirloom 5 w charging head".

However, according to the news from @chargers, the standard charger for apple's next generation iPhone will be significantly upgraded. After the upgrade, all the standard chargers will be equipped with usb-c output interface, with the maximum output power up to 18W, and support USB PD fast charging protocol. The apple iPhone's standard charging head will also have a different look, with a larger size and an oval shape.

Not long ago, apple reduced the price of usb-c Lightning cable, but it was 188RMB before. It seems to be a big price cut, and the new version of the cable terminal has also undergone some changes, our analysis that this represents apple's new iPhone this year will be equipped with the standard usb-c Lightning cable.image


If apple really turn the USB - C from cable in the future, is good news for MFI factory, which will be a new profit products, is also a good news for iPhone users, because of quick charge mobile phone charging can shorten the time and improve efficiency of the user, in addition of apple's supply chain related companies, it will also benefit, after all this will accelerate the charging, charging treasure, cable and other related accessories upgrade process.