Cat5e Vs Cat6

The Cat5e and Cat6 network cables work on the same principle, with the same type of rj-45 plug, and can be plugged into any Ethernet jack on a computer, router, or other similar device. Although they have many similarities, they have some differences, as shown in the following table:

transmission speed1000Mbps10Gbps(distance37-55m)
frequency bandwidth100MHz250MHz
transmission distance100m100m、55m(10GBASE-T)
guage standard24-26AWG22-24AWG
performanceInterference/crosstalk order:Cat6Low return loss and insertion loss

As can be seen from the table, Cat5e network cable is used in gigabit Ethernet with the transmission distance up to 100m and the transmission speed up to 1000Mbps.The Cat6 cable provides up to 10Gbps of transmission over a 250MHz bandwidth.