CATV Coaxial Cable Connection Problem

              In the cable TV coaxial cable construction or maintenance, because the length of the cable is not enough to be long, generally using a dual-access plug-in (commonly known as string joints) to two-section cable connection, because the operation is not standardized at the junction, the signal failure is common, there are the following:Coaxial Cable

              One is the cable F head into the string joint, because the force over the Reggie string joint of the spring sheet pressure, so that the cable core line and the spring piece contact, especially the feeder cable easily caused by the leader of the signal failure.

             The second is the connector cable does not leave the margin, and the joint position arbitrary retention, as a result of the expansion of the cable or the external force of the F-head and cable loose, in the seemingly a straight line joints are easily ignored, often on the fault of the cause of the wrong sentence, even when the connection is found that there is no cable margin need to redo the joint, of course, more difficult.

             Third, the cable margin is not enough or excessive, lashing is not firm. One way is to leave only a few margin, so that the radius of the coil is too small, in particular-12 cable because of its greater tension, often appear F-head card ring ejected, so that the cable shielding layer out of the boss, resulting in low frequency signal deterioration; the other is too much, more than 10-circle cable disorderly disk together, the boss easily with the wind shaking and was thrown out.Coaxial Cable

              Four is the joint is not waterproof tape seal, the leader of the water oxidation, signal level attenuation increases.Coaxial Cable