Characteristics Of HDMI CABLE

     HDMI line is a high-definition multimedia interface of the abbreviation, high-quality transmission of uncompressed high-definition video and multi-channel audio data, the maximum data transfer speed of 5Gbps. At the same time, there is no need to carry out the number/mode or the mode/number conversion before the signal transmission, which can guarantee the highest quality audio-visual signal transmission.HDMI CABLE
     The HDMI line supports a 5Gbps data transmission rate, which can be transmitted up to 30 meters long enough to handle a 1080p video and a 8-channel audio signal. And because a 1080p video and a 8-channel audio signal require less than GB, the HDMI line also has a very Yu amount. This allows it to connect the DVD player, receiver, and PRR with one cable, respectively. In addition HDMI support EDID, DDC2B, so with HDMI devices with "Plug and Play" features, signal source and display device will automatically "Negotiate", automatically select the most appropriate video/audio format.HDMI CABLE
     A signal source with an HDMI output interface can be output to a receiver with an HDMI input interface. Generally speaking: HDMI is the output of the computer is the HDMI signal source, the HDMI input is the TV receiver. When a computer is connected to a TV through an HDMI line, the equivalent of a television set is the second display of a computer. HDMI CABLE
    Only a HDMI lines can be transmitted at the same time audio and video signals, without the need for multiple wires to connect, at the same time, because there is no need to do the number/mode or the mode/number conversion, can achieve higher audio and video transmission quality. For consumers, HDMI technology not only provides clear quality, but also simplifies the installation of home theater systems by using the same cable for audio/video.HDMI CABLE
    The formation of this kind of thinking is actually influenced by the traditional hifi circles. Because the signal in the HiFi equipment in most cases are in the way of analog signal transmission, the analog signal itself is very easy to be disturbed, transmission wire quality of the final effect will have a certain impact, and can be experienced enthusiasts found. But HDMI as a digital transmission technology itself has a good anti-interference ability and error-correcting ability, as long as it is not in the extreme circumstances, the quality of the picture or sound itself will not have any impact.HDMI CABLE