Coaxial Cable Connectors

             Coaxial cable (coaxial) refers to two concentric conductors, while conductors and shielding layers share the same axis. The most common coaxial cable consists of a copper conductor insulated from insulating material, another layer of annular conductor and its insulator outside the inner insulating material, and then the entire cable is covered by a PVC or Teflon material.Coaxial Cable

             At present, there are two kinds of coaxial cables commonly used: 50ω and 75ω coaxial cable. 75ω coaxial cable is commonly used in CATV network, so called CATV cable, transmission bandwidth of up to 1GHz, the current common CATV cable transmission bandwidth of 750MHz. 50ω coaxial cable is mainly used for baseband signal transmission, the transmission bandwidth is 1~2omhz, the total linear Ethernet is using 50ω coaxial cable, in the Ethernet, 50ω fine coaxial cable's maximum transmission distance is 185 meters, the thick coaxial cable can reach 1000 meters.Coaxial Cable

             Aliner MMCX Super Miniature coaxial cable connector with small size, with forward locking device, and the use of low RF leakage flow "no groove" outside the conductor design, thus become the world's engineers the actual RF interface standards. In order to meet the market demand for low-cost MMCX products, Aliner has redesigned its 25-002, 25-006 and 25-301 series products and has formally launched the DFC MMCX series miniature coaxial cable connectors. Aliner 25-002, 25-006 and 25-301 products with cost-effective features, in line with the $literal, 3G and GPS and other fields of the existing design requirements, can help OEM manufacturers to achieve as soon as possible mass production, accelerate product listing progress. This series of 50ω connectors can be used edge installation, PCB installation, surface mount and cable end kneading installation and other assembly methods, in line with the RoHS standard, its VSWR less than 1.25, the insertion loss of -0.25dB, the service life is more than 1350 times. DFC MMCX Series products using pallet/reel packaging, easy to achieve large-batch patch production. Aliner DFC MMCX series has now been used by many manufacturers in the United States, Europe and Taiwan for mobile consumer electronics and GPRS module products.Coaxial Cable