Cu HDMI Cable The Advantage Of

Cu HDMI Cable When it comes to the advantages of HDMI copper cables, many people first thought of the possibility of low resistivity, large load flow, good ductility, high tensile strength, high temperature and corrosion resistance.

As a kind of metal resources which can be utilized 100% again, the high ratio of storage and mining, the contribution of copper to the sustainable development is not negligible when it is widely popularized as a cable material.

Cu HDMI Cable Firstly, the regeneration properties of copper make it possible to recycle. Theoretically, copper can be 100 percent recycled. And, no matter how many recycling, copper after refining can maintain its ductility, conductive and thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, such as basic properties, with excellent regeneration performance. This means that although the copper is not "inexhaustible", it can be consumed while constantly supplementing and accumulating.

Cu HDMI Cable According to China's Ministry of Land and Resources forecast, 2050 and around, China's per capita copper accumulation will reach peak, and domestic recycling copper can fully meet consumer demand, copper in China will no longer be a long-term shortage of resources. Not only that, from the viewpoint of ecological protection, the development of copper recycling can effectively avoid the energy consumption and the emission of solid wastes in the process of mining, and also has important meanings in the environment of environmental protection and sustainable development.

Cu HDMI Cable Second, the high ratio of copper to the storage and production, can guarantee the longer mining and the use of life. For a long time, "China's aluminium-rich copper shortage" has been in the uproar. In many people's concept, compared to other resources, the storage of copper in China is not high, at least in reserves, copper is definitely not dominant. But there is some misunderstanding behind this concept.

Cu HDMI Cable This has to mention the concept of "storage and production ratio". The storage-mining ratio is also known as the recovery or stoping ratio, which refers to the remaining reserves divided by the year's production, and the number of years that the current production level is recoverable. According to the Development Research Center of the State Council of China, 2014, the proven reserves of copper mineral resources in China are 30 million tons, the storage-mining ratio is around 19%, there is a trend of rising year, and the same year aluminum storage ratio is only 7, compared to 2003 decline nearly 20. Therefore, from the storage-mining ratio, the copper resources are more guaranteed than aluminium.

Cu HDMI Cable Finally, in addition to the growing copper reserves in China, the investment and development of the overseas copper resources base has also made substantial progress. Since the mid-1990, domestic enterprises actively implement the "Go out" development strategy, through international cooperation, the construction of a number of stable overseas copper resources base.

Cu HDMI Cable In view of the long period of copper mine development, most of these resources will be put into operation in 2015-2020 years. This also adds a strong safeguard to the sustainable development of copper resources in China. In addition, Chile, Peru and other countries as the main source of copper imports from overseas, there is a large supply of copper resources, and policy stability, conducive to the import of copper in China. Copper prices continued to fall in years, also for China's imports of copper and increased copper reserves to provide convenience.

Cu HDMI Cable As an important carrier of power transmission, cables are playing an irreplaceable role in any power corner of the world, whether they are home or commercial. In the 560 of the last century, our country because of the shortage of copper resources, once adopted "aluminum copper" measures to save costs, to circumvent the "no copper available" risk.