Diablo 4 Performs A Closed Demonstration The Fastest Blizzard Carnival This Year Announced - Tech Cable


The good news is that the official has long recognized the existence of the Diablo 4 project. In the past two years, Blizzard’s personnel has changed a lot. Recently, some game projects have been adjusted. The FPS version of StarCraft has been cancelled. Blizzard will focus on Diablo 4 And "Watching Pioneer 2" two heavyweight games.

For Diablo 4, Blizzard's secret means are still very strict. At present, we don't have any specific news about Diablo 4, but foreign media reports that Blizzard invited some reporters from the game industry to show them Diablo 4 games. This demonstration is Closed, so you can't report the details.

However, from the trend that can be shown to reporters, the completion of Diablo 4 is already very high. After all, this project has been going on for many years. At least the basic content is now ready, and the rest is mainly adjusted later.

It is reported that Diablo 4 can be unveiled at this year's Blizzard Carnival. It is expected to be listed in 2020. The same period will be listed as "Watching Pioneer 2". The performance of Blizzard in 2020 will depend on them. It is expected that the sales volume in the first year will be as high as 2000. Million.