Discussion On Standard Of FTP Cu Outdoor Cable

    1, see the difference: because of the characteristics of the dual-guide cable structure, in the construction, it is more convenient than the single guide cable installation. Both ends of the single guide cable need to be connected to the power supply, therefore, in laying the cable back to the junction, this requirement in many cases will be difficult to operate, such as the room area is very large, the cable is very long, the room area is very small, the laying area is limited, the structure of the room is not straight, but the wall is composed of multiple polylines. There is no need to consider this issue for dual-conductor cables. As the cable itself into a circuit, all the wiring is all at the same end, in the construction, as long as the terminal connection power supply, do not need the end of the wiring, can be arbitrarily placed according to the specific circumstances, greatly reducing the difficulty of cable construction, expand the applicability of cable floor heating.FTP Cu Outdoor Cable
   2, see the difference: the dual-guide cable and the single guide cable compared to see the difference is obvious, but the heavier is really invisible difference-there is no electromagnetic radiation. The effect of electromagnetic radiation on the health of the end-users of terrestrial electric heating is very important. Scientific research shows that the human body in the electromagnetic field for a long time, by electromagnetic radiation, human body function tissue will be hurt. In order to eliminate the effect of the magnetic field generated by the current, the European Construction Industry Guild has introduced a trade standard that specifies that a single heating conductor cable (a single guide cable) is not allowed to be applied to indoor heating. Single-conductor cables are only allowed to use ice-melting snow and piping in the outdoor heat.FTP Cu Outdoor Cable
   In the selection of cable when the use of their own site to choose the cable, do not covet cheap. Because the cable price is cheap and can guarantee is GB, nine or ten are playing the edge. Users who do not understand the profession. In order to enable users to understand more clearly the quality standard of cable wires and the difference between national standard and non-standard. Below we combine the engineering user and the cable industry frequently encounters the actual situation, lets everybody do a simple understanding. Cable wires are generally used in engineering users and construction projects in the use of these 3 kinds of cables appear: 1, GB Cable: According to the state issued by the relevant cable standards of technology produced by the cable abbreviation international line. 2, line marking cable:    According to industry standards, there are less jerry-building, but does not affect the use of large performance. 3, non-marking cable: In order to meet the needs of the city pregnancy-born products. Nowadays, the application of wire and cable is more and more extensive, along with it, more and more kinds of wire and cable are sold in the market.FTP Cu Outdoor Cable
   So, how to distinguish the wire and cable "GB" and "non-standard"? Suggest you see, two test, three weighing, four than the price, five see copper, six quality testing, six recruit see. A look: To see whether the wire and cable products have quality system certification, see if the certificate is standard, see if there is no factory name, site, inspection chapter, production date, see whether the wire is printed trademarks, specifications, voltage and so on. Also want to see the wire copper core of the cross section, excellent red copper color bright, soft color, otherwise is defective. Second try: It is preferable to have a wire head repeatedly bent with hand, generally feel soft, anti-fatigue strength good, plastic or rubber feel elastic and wire insulator without cracks, is the excellent product.FTP Cu Outdoor Cable