Google Abandons Tablet Business, Cancels Two Developing Products - Tech Lan Cable

The exact nature of the device being cancelled is not known, but it is certain that Google will not produce follow-up products for the Slate launched last October.

Google did mention that the two products that were canceled were smaller than the 12.3-inch Slate, which was originally planned to be launched at some point after 2019. Google explained that it was the warranty that caused the two products and the entire tablet project to be cancelled.

According to reports, the staff of the cancelled hardware (about 20 people) was notified on Wednesday, and most of them are expected to be transferred to the Pixelbook laptop team.

Compared with Apple's iPad and Microsoft Surface, Google has not been able to make great progress in the tablet market. Although the Nexus 7 launched in 2012 has set off a small wave of enthusiasm, it can be said that this product prompted Apple to launch the iPad mini, but the tablet that Google subsequently released did not become popular, in part because of the lack of tablet-oriented devices. Android and Chrome OS apps.