The Difference Between Optical Fiber HDMI Cable And Ordinary HDMI Cable

Since the birth of HDMI standard copper HDMI cable with its good performance to achieve the effective transmission of audio video signals, but is subject to the material of copper core properties limited, in the follow-up development of silver plated copper HDMI cable, and even silver HDMI cable, and in the changing of HDMI cable transmission carrier, with optical fiber as the carrier of the HDMI hd line suddenly fire up, especially after the recently released HDMI2.1 standard optical fiber HDMI cable has been high.


So, what are the advantages of fiber HDMI cable in the transition from copper core HDMI cable to fiber HDMI cable? What are the chances of replacing the copper core HDMI cable in the future? Next, I will analyze and compare from three aspects. I believe you will gain something after reading it.

With the increasing demand for audio and video transmission quality, there is an urgent need for ultra-high speed and ultra-long distance optical wave transmission system. The difference between the fiber HDMI signal transmission and the copper core HDMI signal transmission is that the fiber HDMI wire has ultra-fine diameter, light weight, up to 60% less than the previous year. The raw material is quartz, which saves metal materials and is conducive to the rational use of resources. In terms of audio and video transmission, optical fiber HDMI cable completely without external electromagnetic interference, can truly realize lossless transmission, so as to ensure the high fidelity of the signal, especially for high audio information transmission material requirements, optical fiber end of HDMI cable with low noise, have high signal-to-noise ratio, guarantee the perfection of the voice is pure, cinemas level immediately to the audio-visual effects.

At present, 4K TV, projection and so on have been popularized, and domestic and foreign major manufacturers have also developed 8K TV, which is only one step away from the final popularization. Due to the bandwidth limitations of the copper core HDMI cable, it is destined not to play much role in the later 8K and HDMI2.1. So it is reasonable to believe that in the near future, fiber optic HDMI cable will become a necessary wire for hd signal transmission.

Due to the use of fiber optic transmission media, the signal transmission attenuation over long distance can be basically ignored. The relay distance is long, and the longest transmission distance can be more than 300m. For HIFI, projector, video monitoring system, the transmission signal of traditional copper cable is easy to distort, must add a repeater, which directly leads to the equipment is not available or worse experience. The optical fiber HDMI cable layout of these devices do not have to worry about the attenuation or distortion of the transmission signal, can be completely in accordance with the actual use of user needs to arrange the system equipment.

Known as the projector in our daily life, the need for long transmission lines between the equipment, household wiring may need 5 meters to 15 meters, the office is longer, if the traditional copper HDMI cable, there will be signal distortion or even to display problem, can only adopt the complex signal relay, and high costs make this application was not worth the cost, this time if you use fiber optic HDMI cable, problems will be readily solved.