Industry Giants Such As Apple, Google, And Microsoft Jointly Requested The FCC To Approve Devices To Use The 6GHz Band For Communication. - Tech Cable

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, HP, Qualcomm, Intel, Broadcom and Marvell, when these names come together on the same side, you may realize that there is something big happening in the industry, yes, this Together they joined the FCC petition to approve wireless devices to communicate using ultra-low power in the 6 GHz band.


Last year, the FCC approved the unlicensed use of the 6GHz band, which originally meant that this band could be added to future Wi-Fi standards, but it was resisted by the cellular communication network industry, as the future 5G plans to use this band for communication. There will be interference in the two. On the contrary, several major US communications giants are hoping that the FCC will auction the 6GHz band, just like the previous 4G era.

Recently, the giants mentioned at the beginning sent a joint letter to the FCC, in which they explained that the device that enabled the new Very Low Power communication mode will not affect the 6GHz band. 5G communication, on the contrary, the use of this band will effectively increase the rate of data communication between devices.

The letter gives two reasons that will not affect the normal use of 5G networks in real life. First, the antennas of wireless base stations are generally installed at high places, which makes the VLP equipment far from the base station antenna. Second, in real-life scenarios, the transmission distance of VLP devices is very short, because the scenes that typically use VLP devices are between people or inside the vehicle, both of which block transmission.


The letter concludes that the 6GHz band is an ideal additional Wi-Fi band and the risk of using this band is very low.

So why are these industry giants so concerned about the 6GHz band? At present, the 6GHz band has low interference and can be used free of charge. This is indispensable for devices that need high-speed wireless networks in the future, such as AR glasses, VR helmets, and on-board entertainment systems that can be connected to mobile devices. . Using the 6GHz band, it is easy to achieve a transmission speed of 2Gbps within a distance of 3 meters, and the delay level can be made very low. In the short-range communication, Wi-Fi using the 6GHz band is more reliable than using 5G technology, and more To save electricity.

The current 5G standard has two large frequency bands that can be used, one called Sub-6GHz, from 450Mhz to 6000MHz, and the other frequency band using a higher frequency, from 24250MHz to 52600MHz. The use of the 6GHz band is still only a plan. Which side of the band competition will win?