Intel Still Chooses To Let Go Will Auction A Large Number Of Mobile Communication Related Intellectual Property Rights, Including 5G Related Patents - Tech Cable

In April of this year, Apple announced a settlement with Qualcomm, and Intel, which lost its big customers, subsequently announced its withdrawal from the 5G mobile phone baseband business, which is also a serious blow to Intel's mobile communications business. Although at the time Intel announced that it would continue to invest in 5G network infrastructure for PCs, IoT and data centers. However, according to IAM Media reports, Intel is also auctioning its mobile communications-related intellectual property rights, seeking to divest from the company's huge portfolio.

According to its report, the auction consists of two parts: cellular network assets and connected equipment assets. Among them, cellular network assets include approximately 6,000 patent assets related to 3G, 4G, and 5G cellular network standards, and 1,700 assets related to wireless implementation technologies. The connected equipment assets consist of 500 related patents and have broad applicability in the semiconductor and electronics related industries. The auction of these assets is the responsibility of Sullivan & Cromwell.

While Intel will be auctioning these cellular network-related intellectual property rights, it will be separated from the ongoing sale of smartphone modem services, although potential buyers may want to include both at the same time. The auction of these intellectual property rights attracts manufacturers such as traditional telecom operators and those who wish to enter new areas to strengthen their intellectual property status. There have been rumors that Apple will acquire Intel's modem to enhance its self-developed baseband speed, so the auction may attract buyers like Apple.

Although Intel wants to enter the field of mobile communications and smart phone modems, and has been developed in various ways, but because of slow product schedules and other reasons, they have to give up these services. However, Intel's investment in 5G network continues. After all, the Internet of Things and data center have great potential for development, so this auction should not affect Intel's strategy in the future.

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