Internal Design Instructions For Coaxial Cable

      Select the appropriate leaky coaxial cable to see its application needs, select the most suitable leakage coaxial cable types and specifications by the system design and all relevant parameters such as the frequency of use, transmission interval decision. There are two important indexes in selecting leaky coaxial cable: transmission attenuation and coupling loss. The system loss of leaky coaxial cable refers to the summation of transmission attenuation and coupling loss. Transmission attenuation, also called participation loss, mainly refers to the linear loss of transmission lines, varying with the frequency, in decibels/100 meters.Coaxial Cable

     The coupling loss is the path loss or signal attenuation between the leaky coaxial cable and the mobile receiver by the electromagnetic wave emitted by the outer conductor of the slotted wire. Therefore, system loss can be said to be the loss of the entire leaky coaxial cable. Therefore, in practical application, as long as the transmission attenuation can satisfy the requirement of manipulating tolerance or link capacity, there is no need to select the leaky coaxial cable with the lowest transmission attenuation, but the requirement of coupling loss will be more strict.Coaxial Cable

     To calculate the link capacity at design time, the gain and loss of all transmitters and receivers must be added together, and it will also have to include any loss caused by any other factor. If the result is positive, it means that there is enough tolerance to allow the environment to change and the system will still function properly.Coaxial Cable

     Increased coverage can be extended by increasing the number of lines within a given area. Increasing the service at a higher frequency will produce a higher loss, so the leaky coaxial cable should be considered to reduce the loss at various frequencies. Some broadband leaky coaxial cables cover almost all major frequencies, ranging from 900MHz cellular systems to Coaxial Cable

      PCs services on 1900MHZ, including UHF systems for emergency services. These systems can combine signals into a leaky coaxial cable line through a combination or crossover-band coupler. Leaky coaxial cables usually have a high bandwidth and can provide services in completely different bands and at all intervals on the same cable.Coaxial Cable