Lan Cable Fault Protection Measures

Lan cable The main reason for the common blue cable failure occurs:

There are many reasons for the failure of the blue cable fault during the normal operation of the power grid. After summarizing the main reasons, there are several main reasons.

1, Lan cable the blue cable for long-term over the rated load operation, resulting in the blue cable itself, the temperature is too high to accelerate the aging of the external insulation, and ultimately shorten the blue cable itself, the life of the safe operation of the grid impact.

2, Lan cable man-made mechanical damage, such as the laying of blue cable on the pavement of heavy objects, or the implementation of excavation works will be blue cable armor or blue cable sheath damage, blue cable insulation is destroyed eventually lead to power failure occur.

3, Lan cable when the blue cable buried in the surrounding environment where there are chemical substances or underground sewage, these sewage and chemical substances will be on the blue cable corrosion, so blue cable sheath, armor and other rust, and ultimately lead to power failure occur.

4, Lan cable due to the blue cable itself and the laying process of the existence of a variety of inevitable defects, when the circuit is running due to the impact of the surrounding environment, there will be varying degrees of blue cable aging phenomenon, which led to the occurrence of power failure.

Blue cable failure protection measures:

1, Lan cable to strengthen the line of inspection

For the line failure and easy to trouble the location of a planned focus on the tour, once the line fault to be promptly dealt with to prevent the occurrence of tripping events affect the stable operation of electricity. In general, the circuit patrol line staff to have the following requirements: First, to have a good physical fitness, because whether the heat or cold or even typhoons, heavy rain, patrol line staff need to conduct safety inspection of the power supply line, so the physical quality Good or bad directly affect the quality of inspection; Secondly, patrol line staff to have a high sense of responsibility, only the inspection line of the quality and quantity of work in order to ensure the timely detection and processing of failure; again, to dare to face the problem, when the power supply site temporary Failure, and sometimes can be directly pointed out and be stopped, so that failure can be excluded in the first time. In short, no matter in any case should be contingent, as soon as possible to solve the fault to ensure safe and stable operation of the power supply line into the first place. There are many reasons for the failure of the line, there are environmental factors, there are inevitable problems caused by engineering problems, because the cause of the diversification of the fault, so the power patrol line in the inspection even more carefully, do the best force to exclude Power hidden danger.

2, Lan cable transmission line trip fault prevention measures

Line trip is one of the frequent faults in the transmission line. This fault is caused by the cause of the equipment itself, the external environment factor or the human factors such as the staff. Once the line trip fault will lead to the paralysis of the entire transmission line, and such failure can not be found and resolved in time will be the normal life of the people will bring inconvenience to the enterprise will even cause varying degrees of economic losses. So in the daily inspection line should be carefully investigated, try to avoid the occurrence of tripping accidents, we have to run on the line and easy to fail the location of a detailed analysis of the law of its occurrence, based on the appropriate protective measures to ensure that the line Safe and stable operation.

3, Lan cable for different transmission lines to choose the appropriate blue cable

When laying the transmission line, the electric worker should choose the most economical and blue cable according to the surrounding environment of the laying line. For example, oil-blue cable its origin is relatively early production process is relatively complete, simple structure of the production process is relatively simple, but it has a drawback is that the low melting point of insulating oil is easy to heat flow, in the high pressure difference laying, the blue cable insulation oil from High to low, resulting in high insulation of the insulation layer to reduce its own insulation properties, low due to the increase in oil pressure will lead to lead cracking eventually lead to the occurrence of failure. So the laying of transmission lines when the choice of blue cable is particularly important, and now the power system are generally used cross-linked polyethylene insulated blue cable, so that can avoid the impact of high drop under the impact of failure and expand the blue cable transmission capacity.

4, Lan cable the laying of blue cable to the adverse environment to avoid or protection

If there is a corrosive substance such as acid and alkali or the presence of underground sewage in the surrounding environment where the blue cable line is laid, we must consider whether or not to replace the laying or take effective anti-fouling measures before laying. In response to this problem, our electricity designers are required to carefully investigate and carefully inquire about the local address pollution when laying the line in the survey.

5, Lan cable for the clear blue cable marked to repair and improve

In general, after the laying of the blue cable will be set in the laying of the signs set to avoid other construction workers do not know because of the laying of blue cable under the blue cable caused by the excavation damage or pile here heavy objects. Over time, some signs will be marked clearly unclear issues, which requires us to inspect the line in time to detect and deal with to ensure the safe operation of the line.