Lan Cable Standards

   Wire is a special commodity that concerns the lives and property of millions of households and the normal operation of almost all industries, the use of a very wide range, especially in the temporary use of line and home decoration indoor use of a very large line, if the use of fake and shoddy wire and cable, light may cause short circuit, electric shock, heavy may cause fire, causing casualties. At the end of 2009, Yunnan Province Industry and Commerce Bureau of sampling results show that the province in circulation nearly 60% of the wire and cable unqualified, the market nearly 50% of the heart of the wire and cable-the copper core exists jerry-building phenomenon. Yunnan Fire Department's rough statistics show that in recent years more than 40% of the fire caused by electrical failure, copper core "shrink" black core wire and cable is one of the main reasons.Lan Cable
   The main means used by unscrupulous manufacturers is in the length of wire and cable articles, wire and cable actual length of small nominal said the length, and pricing charges in accordance with nominal length. The most typical is a coil of cloth-wrapped wire, in the national standard of 100 meters per roll, the measurement error is not greater than 0.5%, that is, the length of each coil line is 100.5 meters, and many manufacturers are blatant in the qualifying card labeled 100 meters, its actual length is only 80 meters, if the price is reduced to per meter, it is not cheap. This kind of deception is easier to identify, one is to see the qualifying card, the second is the length of sampling, because the cloth wire is relatively soft, easy to measure.Lan Cable
   The electric wire with an exceeding resistance value may be too high under the same current, thus accelerating the aging of the outer insulating layer, causing a short circuit to produce a fire, and increasing the energy consumption of the transmission process and increasing the cost of the electric charge because of the exceeding of the resistance. The first trick is to play the idea of copper conductor, copper conductor accounted for 80% of the cost of the wire, non-performing manufacturers one is to reduce the quality of copper. The copper content is very unstable, which leads to a great increase of copper conductor resistivity by using much lower price impurity copper, copper recovery and even copper smelting. Second, reduce the dosage of copper. To reduce the actual cross-sectional area of copper cores, the direct consequence of these two approaches is that the wires overheat during use, damaging insulating layers of plastic, causing a short circuit and causing a fire.    The second trick is to move the plastic on the insulating layer and with the same quality of copper, each ton of recycled insulating material and qualified PVC plastic powder price difference nearly 2000 yuan, but the recycled insulation material high impurity content, low mechanical strength, anti-aging performance and electrical insulation performance decline, this practice will directly lead to electric wires prone to leakage phenomenon.Lan Cable