Layout Characteristics Of POWER CABLE

Layout should be carefully before wiring, each device on the circuit board layout should conform to the corresponding design principles. The crystal should be as close to the chip as possible, the chip filter capacitance should be as close as possible to the input end of the chip; As far as possible to widen the power supply, ground width, preferably the ground than the power line width (ground power line) signal line), with a large area of copper-clad layer as a ground, in the PCB printed board to the place is not used to connect with the ground as a ground.POWER CABLE According to the size of the circuit board current, as far as possible to increase the width of the power cord, reduce loop current, while the power line, ground and the direction of the data transmission, which helps to enhance the ability to resist noise. In the power design, it is necessary to stress that analog circuits and digital circuits part of the independent power supply, digital and analog to separate, follow the "single point" grounding principle.POWER CABLE Analog power in the system (such as PLL power supply, A/d, d/a power supply, etc.) generally by (noisy) digital power generation, can be generated by: one is digital power and analog power, and the digital and analog between the ferrite beads (ferritebead) or inductors constitute passive filter circuit. Ferrite beads have low impedance at low frequencies and high impedance at high frequencies, which can inhibit high-frequency interference. Thereby filtering out the noise of the digital circuit. This method is simple and can meet the requirements of most applications.POWER CABLE

Provide a better decoupling effect, but the circuit complex, high cost, use the attention of analog and digital must be linked together. Usually each power pin to the power supply, the ground loop, as far as possible in the design of multilayer board, for the power supply and the separate arrangement of the special layer, the same layer of multiple power supply, the use of the partition, and the ground plane instead of the bus. ARM has a number of grounding pins, each pin must be grounded alone, as far as possible to reduce the number of loads.POWER CABLE