Lightning Pk Type C

Walkman, DVD, VCD, and the following, it had a very cow's name: universal charger, but now it not charge anything, so don't take yourself too seriously in the past, the world is changing, you are the same, finally can only be eliminated, you can't keep up with the rhythm of the development of today, the reality is so cruel or cruel!image

Today, the main data lines in the consumer market should be Lightning wire and USB TUSB Type C wire, occupying half of the consumer market. Today, we will review their development history together.image

Apple from interface is on September 12, 2012, with the iPhone 5 release, also means that apple was used for nine years of 30 needle Dock interface was replaced by the formal, but 20 from appearance to today there are nearly 7 years, many parameters have been behind the Type - C, single from the user more concern on the charging ability, from the design of the data line itself is actually the USB2.0 + 2 a, that is to say, with the difference between ordinary USB cable is not big, the iPhone has not been support quick charge, And Lightning interface and wire specifications are also a certain relationship.


Type-c has not been around for a long time. At the end of 2013, the rendering of the type-c connector came out. In 2014, it was finished in the standard of USB3.1. It is a new USB cable and connector specifications, is a new set of USB physical specifications, Google, apple, Microsoft and others are vigorously promoting.


A specification from birth to development gradually mature than a day, especially the market of consumer products, today we are going to share USB3.1 C TYPE series, USB 3.1 is the latest USB specification, the specification is launched by Intel and other large companies, compared with the existing USB technology, the new USB technology USES a more efficient data coding system, and provide more than double the valid data throughput (USB IF association), it is fully compatible with existing USB connector and cable down, USB3.1 start of compatible with existing software protocol stack and equipment, 5 GBPS hubs with equipment, USB products, USB 3.1 Type - C shows the arrival of the era of mobile Internet, in this era, more and more equipment, computer, mobile phone, tablet, TV, ebook reader and even cars - such as access to the Internet, can use different ways to previously by the interface Type - A symbol of the computer data collecting and distributing centre gradually digestion.

The size of the mother port of the type-c interface is about 8.3mm * 2.5mm, which takes up less space than Micro USB interface. In addition, the most practical change is that type-c supports inserting the mother port from both sides.image

Theoretically, the maximum data transmission speed of type-c can reach 10 Gbit/ s, and the maximum output voltage is 20 volts, which can shorten the charging time. For usb-a, the limit transmission rate is 5 GBPS so far, and the output voltage is 5 volts. A standard cable with a type-c connector can run at 5A current and also supports a "USB PD" beyond the current usb-powered capability, which can provide up to 100W of power. In addition to the above improvements, type-c also integrates DP, HDMI, and VGA interfaces. Users only need one type-c wire to deal with the trouble of connecting to external displays and video output, which used to require different wires.


1. Comparative analysis of functions.

There is little difference in data transmission ability. When sending photos and downloading files, the first response of most users is to connect to WiFi instead of finding data cable. There is a difference in charging ability, and type-c is better than Lightning.

2. Technical principles

The technical principle of data transmission is Serial Communication. On the technical principle of charging Communication, type-c has an additional CC line for charging protocol

Cost of 3.

The price of type-c will drop with the expansion of the market and the launch of more and more chip products, far lower than Lightning's chip control cost.

4. User experience

Both sides are pluggable, with little difference. Lightning port is small, while Cable of type-c is interchangeable.

5. Market dynamics

The Apple mobile phone use 20, other mobile phone manufacturers the Type - C interface, and the Type - C in the future market will be bigger, USB, after all, is the industry standard, but the mobile phone market, other electronic products (such as computers, televisions and cars) can charge function of the Type - C and other protocols (such as DisplayPort agreement, Lightning interface protocols, etc.) of compatible functions.