Microsoft Officially Launched The Open Source Terminal Tool For Windows Terminal - Tech Cable

In order to celebrate the official launch of Windows Terminal, Microsoft even made a promotional video for it. Although this stuff does not have much effect on most Windows users, it seems that the name is to get off at the terminal. But for software developers, which are commonly known as code farmers, and server administrators, it can be a useful productivity tool, including running previous CMD, Powershell commands, editing software code, and accessing Windows Linux Subsystem. Operation, the main function has built-in multi-window, Unicode and UTF-8 character support, and it is open source.

Although Terminal uses the old underground work, it is something that was introduced in 2019, so it has some modern functions. It supports users to customize multiple projects. Each user can modify the profiles according to their own usage habits. Json, custom button binding and modification background wallpaper, DirectX-based font rendering, and even emoji emoticons.

In addition, Microsoft has also added support for assistive technology to Terminal for the disabled. Most of the work has been supported, and Microsoft promises to have more important improvements in the next version.

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