Microsoft Suddenly Promoted The Windows 1.0 Mystery Notice - Tech Cable

The Microsoft Windows team released a [weird] video on Twitter yesterday, and the article said that it will launch a new Windows 1.0, and will include applications such as the MS-Dos Executive and clock. The video content is mainly a clip of the nostalgic logo from Windows 1.0 to Windows 10, and is displayed in a flashback manner. We also noticed that the avatar of the Windows Twitter account has also been changed to the Windows 1.0 logo.

There are also users who can't believe it, and the Windows team responds with a serious reply and guarantees that this is true. However, more users are urging the Windows team to quickly uncover the mystery and stop selling.


Windows 1.0 was released on November 20, 1985. This is Microsoft's first attempt to introduce a graphical interface to a personal computer operating system. It can even be seen as a milestone in the transition from a pure command line to a graphical interface. Windows 1.0 is also the first product in the Windows family.

The ancient products that have been around for 34 years, Microsoft suddenly took it as a stalk, what is the intention?

Some people speculate that this is Microsoft's warm-up for open source Windows 1.0, on the grounds that MS-DOS has long been open source and hosted the code to GitHub last year. Therefore, open source Windows 1.0 is also reasonable, which is in line with the style of embracing open source that Microsoft has been publicizing in recent years.

Some people think that this is Microsoft's three-month April Fool's Day joke, but personally think this is not reasonable, after all, Microsoft has warned employees not to participate in April Fools' Day.

What's more, it is linked to the Stranger Things Season 3, which is scheduled to be broadcast on NetFlix on Thursday, because the time nodes just coincide, and then both are born in the 1980s. It seems to be very reasonable.)

Anyway, I will wait and see!

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