Operation OfCu HDMI Cable

Although the HDMI LLC authorizes the test Center (HDMI-ATC) to test the HDMI specifications and protocols of the product, it still needs to build a basic interface test method with additional test procedures to streamline consumer purchasing decisions and improve the HD entertainment experience.Cu HDMI Cable 

The test must cover robustness and interoperability between HD products from different manufacturers. This type of product testing and interoperability testing cannot be tested in HDMI-ATC. There is no HDMI-ATC inserted into the test conformance specification, or a test tool to ensure a perfect recovery from the protocol and interface "glitch".Cu HDMI Cable

Interoperability testing is not a topic, and in advanced testing (i.e., multiple manufacturer product integration and system testing), developers rarely or even simply don't know the level of quality assurance that can be achieved through simple interfaces and protocol testing. In practice, this results in a large area of system interoperability performance not being tested.Cu HDMI Cable

Retailers and consumers hope to have consistent and assured performance in such functions as deep color, automatic synchronization of audio and video, or faster panel refresh rates. Therefore, a powerful experience quality test project (QoE) and "ecosystem" is needed to evaluate HD performance, enabling retailers and consumers to be confident that their HD products are worth the extra functionality.Cu HDMI Cable

A powerful QoE project also needs to capture a large amount of information about the static and dynamic performance of the device outside of the test results, including a specific sequence of functional behaviors, execution records, consumer application of associated information, and so on.Cu HDMI Cable 

When performing interoperability testing, there is an opportunity to obtain such information to further improve the effectiveness and accuracy of subsequent tests. The goal of the test center is to develop a method of testing interoperability performance that uses this information as much as possible. HDMI-ATC and DCP-ATC in the conformance basic test, no such QoE test project is scheduled.Cu HDMI Cable