Outstanding Advertising Effect! After The E3 Site Power Outage, Only The Nintendo Booth Is Normal. - TECH CABLE

BY 3DMGame

There are a lot of booths on the E3 site. Participants can see a variety of posters and statues. Of course, the least is the host used to try out the latest works. But have you ever imagined what would happen if there was a sudden power outage at the exhibition site? In fact, a few days ago, the E3 scene really showed a partial power outage. The hosts in the power outage area could not play, but there was an exhibition area that was not even blacked out. Affect normal play - Nintendo.


One of the best features of the Switch is the ability to seamlessly switch from the landline to the handheld/portable mode. Therefore, after the power outage at the venue, the player can not only continue to play the game, or even re-enter the game. It can be said that this unexpected blackout is the best advertisement for Switch.

A Twitter user, Damiani, said on Twitter that Nintendo can use the accident as an advertising material:

“E3 just suffered a short pause, but the Switch host was not affected at all, and the demo was not interrupted at all. The new creative was coming.”

There are also players who have proposed conspiracy theories: it must have been made by Cooper in the dark, creating a power outage that has caused many players to suddenly realize the convenience of the Switch. Think about this if you are in your own home, if there is a sudden power outage, not only can the game progress not be stored, but it can also hurt the hardware. Switch does not have this problem at all.

Although the situation of sudden power outages does not occur often, it is often in this dark moment that people can really see the flash of the Switch.