Potential Buyers Negotiate Exclusively With Intel And Hope To Purchase Their Mobile Communications Patents - Tech Cable

Intel announced the abandonment of the 5G mobile modem service in April this year, and the subsequent rumors about Intel's mobile communications business are not interrupted. Intel recently announced that it will auction its intellectual property related to mobile communications, but only recently, according to IAM Media reports, there are already potential buyers who have a very strong interest and have entered the exclusive sales period to Seek to get most of the assets for sale.

According to reports, Intel’s asset reserve has received strong purchase intentions from buyers, and has already carried out an “exclusive agreement” at this stage to prevent Intel from making further contacts with other bidders. However, the report said that if the company fails to complete the transaction, the auction process will be restarted, which also indicates that other bidders still have the opportunity to obtain these patents, provided that the exclusive negotiation fails.

According to previous reports, these intellectual property rights will attract manufacturers from traditional telecom operators and those who wish to enter new areas to strengthen their intellectual property rights, so there should be some manufacturers interested in these patents. However, the possibility of Apple is still relatively large. It is rumored that Apple is still developing R&D mobile communication baseband, and it also uses Intel baseband for many years, so Apple is more familiar with Intel's mobile communication than most bidders. business. However, Intel does not currently indicate who the interested bidder may be, whether it is an independently operated company or a consortium or investor.

Intel divides the auctioned patents into cellular network assets and connected device assets. The cellular network assets also include related assets that can be 5G cellular network standards, so it is of great value to manufacturers who wish to obtain these patents. So if the exclusive buyer withdraws, there should be many other bidders who will be interested.