POWER CABLE Performance

     The structure of the power cord is not very complex, but also do not from the surface can be easily seen through it, if a good study of the power cord, some places still need professional to understand the structure of the power cord. The main structure of the power cord is outer sheath, sheath and conductor, and the common transmission conductor is copper and aluminum wire.POWER CABLE
     The outer sheath is also called the protective sheath, is the outermost layer of the power cord sheath, this layer of outer sheath to protect the role of the power cord, the outer sheath has a strong characteristics, such as high temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance, natural light interference, good performance, the use of high life, material environmental protection and so on. POWER CABLE
     Inner sheath: Inner sheath is also called insulating sheath, is the power line indispensable middle structure part, insulation sheath of the main use as the name implies insulation, to ensure the power supply line security, so that the copper wire and air will not produce any leakage phenomenon, and insulation sheath material to be soft, to ensure a good inlay in the middle.POWER CABLE
    Copper wire is the core of power cord, copper wire is mainly the carrier of current and voltage, the density of copper wire directly affect the quality of the power line. The material of the power cord is also an important factor of quality control, and the quantity and flexibility of the copper wire are also considered as one of the factors. The inner sheath is a layer of material between the shielding layer and the core of the wrapped cable, usually PVC or polyethylene plastic. There are also low smoke and halogen-free materials. In accordance with the requirements of the process, so that the insulating layer will not be exposed to water, air or other objects, to avoid damp insulation and insulating layer from mechanical damage.POWER CABLE
    In order to improve the flexibility of the power line, in order to lay the device, conductive wire core to accept a number of monofilament twisted together. It can be divided into rules and irregular strands from the twisted mode of conductive wire cores. Irregular twist is divided into bundles, unite together, special twisted, etc. POWER CABLE
    In order to reduce the occupied area of the conductor and decrease the geometrical dimension of the power line, the tight pressure mode is used in the twisted conductor, so that the popular circle is a semicircle, a fan, a tile shape and a tight pressure circle. These conductors are used primarily on power cords.POWER CABLE