Precautions For Use Of Computer POWER CABLE

           1. Wire internal wire is too poor, when the power of the moment due to the computer ATX power supply Internal high-voltage capacitor also to instantaneous charge, at this moment, the current is relatively large, instantaneous maximum current can reach more than 6, if the computer ATX power supply inside the buffer circuit is not designed to have a greater impact current through, also known as instantaneous surge. That is, in that moment, the computer power line if the use of low-quality materials to do the wire, its resistance is relatively large, heat also big, an instant a wire will burn. (Damaged in the middle of a wire or a certain position)POWER CABLE

           2. The host power line on both sides of the joint welding point treatment is not good, the two sides of the joint is the power line on both sides of the joint, because the wire to weld with the joint, if the welding point area too small, resistance will be too large, it is easy to instantly in the contact point of the Even if the burn is not instantaneous because the long-term resistance too large heat, and the heat is a major cause of oxidative acceleration, oxidation to a certain degree of resistance is also greater, and eventually burned. (Damaged at two end connections of the Wire)POWER CABLE

           3. The connector of the line and the plug, the power cord connector and the host ATX Power Interface, if these two interconnected port contact is bad or the contact is too loose, it is easy to cause electric spark, that is, the conductor metal sheet and metal plate contact between the poor contact area too little, too little allowable current through also small, coupled with a large resistance is easy to burn out, because at this moment the reduction of the current is not enough to reduce the calorific value, because the heat q=i*i*r, It is obvious that the slight decrease of I and the slight increase of R can not change the overall heating trend of Q. So the interface is easy to see the burnt blackened.POWER CABLE