Recent Updates To OneDrive UWP Bring New Icons Remove Offline Files - Cat6a Cable

After getting the new features of Files on Demand on the desktop client, the OneDrive app for Windows 10 is getting more and more ridiculous, but that doesn't mean that Microsoft has forgotten this UWP app. In the recent version update, a new UI has been introduced in addition to the new LOGO that enables OneDrive.

Frankly speaking, the existing OneDrive UWP app is not perfect, and feature navigation is quite slow (especially in the photo section). But this UWP app also has some nice features, such as support for Dark themes, offline files, and Office 365 multi-accounts. However, after the upgrade, OneDrive UWP lost some features, making it look like a beautified version of the OneDrive web app.

After this upgrade, the full-featured Progressive Web App is no longer available offline, and users cannot save files offline. And even worse, when the user resizes the window, it behaves very strangely and always reverts to a narrow vertical window.