RF Signal Of Coaxial Cable

Coaxial cable is the main medium used in CATV system to transmit radio frequency signal, it is two conductors composed of cored wire and shielding net tube, because the axis of these two conductors is coincident, so it is called coaxial cable or coaxial axis. What are the components of the coaxial cable?Coaxial Cable

The inner conductor is usually composed of a solid conductor, using the skin effect of the high-frequency signal, can use the empty copper tube, also can be copper-plated aluminum rod, to do not need to supply the user network using copper clad steel wire, for the need to supply distribution network or main route recommended copper clad aluminum wire, so as not only to ensure the transmission performance of the cable, but also to meet the requirements of power supply , reduce the weight of the cable, but also reduce the cost of power cable. Insulating medium can use polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and fluorine plastic, commonly used dielectric is small loss, good process performance of polyethylene.Coaxial Cable

Tubular metal. This structure uses copper or aluminum strip longitudinal package welding, or seamless copper tube extruded Baulayan, this structure form the best shielding performance, but poor softness, often used in trunk cable. Aluminum plastic composite with longitudinal package lap.Coaxial Cable 

This structure has a good shielding effect, and the manufacturing cost is low, but because the outer conductor is a circular tube with longitudinal slits, electromagnetic waves will be worn out from the gap and leakage, should be used cautiously. Woven mesh and aluminum-plastic composite belt longitudinal package combination. This is from the development of a single weave network structure, it has a good flexibility, light weight and reliable joint characteristics, the experiment proved that the use of a reasonable composite structure, shielding performance has been greatly improved, the current structure of this form is widely used.Coaxial Cable