Spy Photos Show That IPhone 11 Finally Gave Up Lightning Interface To USB-C - Digital Cable

BY cnBeta

Apple's newly released MacBook Pro series notebooks only contain USB-C ports in almost the entire line. The high-end iPad Pro models only support USB-C, but the iPhone has always stayed on the unique Lightning interface. This seems to make the USB-C interface exclusive to Apple's Pro devices. But a spy shot that was leaked recently shows that the iOS 13 system recovery mode clearly shows a UBC-C plug, which is completely different from the previous version of the Lightning plug.

This means that Apple is likely to eventually give up the Lightning interface and switch to USB-C from the iPhone 11 with iOS13, ending the dilemma that users have to have a fast charging head but have to purchase additional cables to quickly charge.

Of course, iOS 13 is just a beta version. This icon may also refer to the iPad Pro. It is not yet fully certain that the iPhone is turning to a USB-C connection.


The following is an image of the old system recovery interface: