Technical Description Of HDMI CABLE

In the past few years, a number of products with high visibility video displays have increased dramatically. High-visibility video displays are integrated within these products, or outside the product. OEMs are looking to use standard flat panel displays and interface technology to reduce product costs and provide long-term solutions. The design community faces this challenge and continues to implement Low-cost flat panel display drives that provide specialization and value-added functionality in the backend of the interface.HDMI CABLE

The HDMI specification can transmit and receive uncompressed digital streaming audio/video standards. It can combine video and multi-channel audio into a single digital connection, saving multiple line connections and related costs. For 1080i resolution without audio requirements, HDMI signal transmission is backward compatible with DVI.HDMI CABLE

The HDMI link has three types of working cycles: Video data cycle, data isolation cycle, and control cycle. It transmits effective video in the video data cycle, transmits audio and secondary data during the data isolation cycle, and uses a series of packets during transmission. A control cycle is required between any video or data cycle. At the beginning of each video data cycle, there is a front-sync signal that follows the strap, providing very stable instructions for transitions from the control cycle to the video cycle.HDMI CABLE

Although the first high-resolution display uses analog component video interface (YCRCB), digital technology, such as digital video Interface (DVI) and high Clarity Multimedia Interface (HDMI), has replaced most analog interfaces. The explosive growth of the courtroom market needs to update the DVI standard. However, the DVI interface that requires a large connector restricts support for digital Rights Management (DRM) and lacks support for mono or multichannel audio. To meet the evolving HDMI standard, it uses the same basic signal transmission as DVI, supports smaller connectors, and larger bandwidth (1080p resolution), DRM, and 8-channel multi-format audio.HDMI CABLE