The Applicable Range Of USB CABLE

With the wide application of buried cable in power supply system, in order to meet all kinds of power cable fault testing, cable path, cable embedding depth and the daily maintenance and management of cable file data, our company utilizes embedded platform system, advanced DSP hardware sampling technology and unique low voltage pulse method, flush lightning Flow method and direct lightning flow method, the BD---DL200 cable fault tester is developed, which is very convenient to solve all kinds of faults and spot-finding of power cable.USB CABLE

The equipment is composed of system host and fault locator and cable path instrument, which can be used to test all kinds of faults of power cable, the cable path, the detection of buried depth of cable and the accurate test of open-circuit and short-circuit fault of coaxial communication cable and local telephone cable.USB CABLE

Can test a variety of different voltage levels, different sections, different media and various types of electrical power cable faults, including: Open, short-circuit, low resistance, high resistance leakage, high resistance flashover fault. The velocity of the wave propagation in any cable that is known to be measured in length. Can test the cable direction and burial depth. Using industrial embedded platform system, and equipped with platform integrated cable fault test software and cable data management software. The host can automatically select the lowest 6.25MHz, up to 100MHz five kinds of sampling frequency, can meet the testing requirements of different lengths of cable, reducing the coarse measurement error.USB CABLE

The software realizes the fault automatic search, distance automatic display, waveform can be arbitrary compression, expansion, the same screen random display two more close to the standard waveform for you to accurately compare analysis, improve test accuracy, reduce the measurement error super large memory, on-site test data and physical wiring diagram, a little bit can be dropped, Convenient background data management software can do a sound cable file management, for the maintenance of cable and accurate positioning to provide reference and help.USB CABLE