The Era Of Big Data Is Coming, 10G To 400G

Recently, when I was driving, I always heard this sentence repeatedly on the radio. Today, we are going to talk about the advent of big data, from 10G to 400G!

In the past few years, the data center of 10G is all the rage, Ethernet has an unshakable position; However, in just a few years, Internet + has promoted the rapid development of cloud computing, big data, Internet of things, etc., which requires more and more bandwidth. Therefore, conventional low-speed upgrade is an inevitable trend. The well-known Ethernet upgrade path is 10g-40g-100g-200g-400g; However, according to a new research report, the latest server upgrade path will be 10g-25g-100g-200g, and even 400G in the future. Times change so fast! If you're not careful, you'll fall behind!


With the rapid development of data center, the demand of users increases. In order to meet the needs of users, the transmission rate of optical communication also increases and develops, from 10G and 25G before to 100G and 200G today. 200G is a new breakthrough in the era of 100G. The product with 200G speed now has 200G optical module and 200G AOC active optical cable. Let's learn together today!

AOC active cable composition

As we know, active optical fiber cable is consists of integrated optoelectronic devices used in the data center, the high performance computer, such as mass storage devices for high rate, high reliability interconnect transmission equipment, it is usually to meet industry standard electrical interface, through internal electric light - electric conversion, using the advantages of fiber optic cable for data transmission.

AOC active cable structure

Active optical cable = two optical transceivers + optical cable jumper (currently limited AOC active cable development is the main optical transceiver price is expensive, or there is no copper cable what!

AOC active optical cable can be understood as a set of system composed of two optical transceivers and optical cable jumper.

Using the explanation of 200GAOC Shared by fly communication chaser, we will learn its brief principle. The data transmission rate of the optical transceiver at both ends of 200GAOC is 200Gb/s, and it is an eight-channel, plugger, parallel, fiber QSFP dual density, used for 2x100G Ethernet application. The optical module is a high performance module for short distance multichannel data communication and interconnection applications. It integrates eight data channels in each direction with a bandwidth of 8x25.78125gbps. Each channel can use OM3 fiber to transmit 70m or OM4 fiber to transmit 100m; The modules are designed to use a multimode optical fiber system with a nominal wavelength of 850nm.

In fact, AOC operating principle is not much different; The electrical signal is input through the A end and converted into the optical signal of specific wavelength by the electro - optical conversion device. The optical signal is modulated and coupled and then input into the transmission cable. After the optical signal reaches the B end, the photoelectric detection device amplifies, processes and converts the optical signal after detection, and outputs the corresponding electrical signal.

Passive optical cable has gradually replaced the cable in a wide range of transmission network, and active optical cable is a further improvement of passive optical cable; It is bound to play an increasingly important role in end-to-end information interconnection.