The Function Of POWER CABLE Line Magnetic Ring

               Power cord magnetic ring is usually in the electronic equipment of the power cord or signal line at one end or at both ends of the magnetic ring. The power line magnetic loop can form a large impedance to the common mode interference current, but does not affect the differential mode signal (the working signal is the differential mode signal), so it is simple to use without considering the signal distortion problem. and the power cord magnetic ring does not need grounding, can be directly added to the cable.POWER CABLE

               Power line magnetic ring is commonly used in electronic circuit anti-interference elements, for high-frequency noise has a good inhibition, generally using ferrite materials. The power line magnetic loop solves the problem of high frequency interference suppression of the power cord, signal line and connector. The utility model has the advantages of simple use, convenient, effective and small footprint, and it is an economical, convenient and effective method to restrain electromagnetic interference (EMI) by using ferrite to resist interfering magnetic cores, which has been widely used in various military or civil electronic equipments such as computers. The power cord magnetic ring is to suppress common-mode voltage, the difference voltage is not valid, not only the source of electricity, IBM with the phone thread on the wire, it is said that any often unplugged cable should have this, such as serial cable, parallel port cable, display cable and so on.POWER CABLE

              Because of some reasons, such as thin leakage or static electricity, will allow the host and power between a larger electrical difference, this voltage difference in the plug in a moment caused by the impact of the current is very large, simple breakdown components. This magnetic ring can effectively suppress the instantaneous impact current, so that the electrostatic slowly released. When the plug is finished, the voltage at both ends of the cable is consistent, and the electromagnetic ring is fundamentally useless.POWER CABLE