TSMC's First Show Self-developed ARM Chip: 7nm Process, 4 Core A72 Frequency Up To 4GHz - Tech Cat5e Cable

Does TSMC leave the best 7nm to itself? During the VLSI Symposium (VLSI Symposium) held in Kyoto, Japan earlier this month, TSMC presented its own chiplet This. On the basic parameters, This uses 7nm process, 4.4x6.2mm (27.28 mm2), CoWos (wafer substrate package), two-chip structure, one built in four Cortex A72 cores, and the other built-in 6MiB three slow.

This has a nominal maximum frequency of 4 GHz and a measured maximum of 4.2 GHz (1.375 V). At the same time, TSMC also developed a technology called LIPINCON interconnect with a signal data rate of 8 GT/s.

Unfortunately, TSMC said that "This" is designed for high-performance computing platforms, which explains why its frequency is so amazing.