Well-known DNS Resolution Service Provider CloudXNS Will Stop Free Service - Cat6a Cable

Today, China's well-known DNS resolution service provider CloudXNS issued a notice on stopping free user resolution services. The announcement stated that it is to implement China's national network security policies and regulations, strengthen supervision and better serve VIP customers. CloudXNS will be in July 2019. From 0:00 on the 16th, stop free users using CloudXNS's parsing service.

This means that by July 16th, free users using CloudXNS will be stopped parsing, so users who plan to continue using the free DNS service need to transfer as soon as possible to avoid accidents caused by website and service interruption.

At present, CloudXNS does not send emails and other reminders to its affected users, and the DNS service provider's conversion takes 1-3 days, so users who see the message need to process and communicate with each other as soon as possible.


According to the official introduction, CloudXNS is an intelligent DNS resolution system independently developed by Beijing Express.com, which provides a diversified intelligent DNS resolution service. CloudXNS uses Beijing Express's private DNS protocol in its design of response, distribution, storage and load balancing. All parsing takes effect in real time.